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Route 65 Running Day ~ Sunday 11th April 2021 ~ Update

More details about the Route 65 Running Day on Sunday 11th April 2021.  

As planned, the event will comprise two elements – a road run by historic vehicles over the route and a free bus service subject to Covid-19 constraints.

Interest from bus owners has been strong, and we expect to have 25 buses in service on route 65, of which 20 will be over 40 years old.  We will also be operating route 465 between Malden Rushett (at the edge of London) and Dorking, providing connections with buses to Leatherhead using younger preserved buses which are not eligible to enter the London Low Emission Zone.

Service buses will include both historic and current buses from the London Bus Museum, private owners and bus operators, the majority being former London Transport RT (6) and Routemaster (11) families.  London Bus Museum hopes to operate its 1937 STL-type and the 1939 prototype RT1; other planned participants include a former BEA AEC Regal airport coach.

The 65 route from Ealing Argyle Road to Leatherhead will follow existing TfL bus routes and the free service serve all relevant stops, as follows:  E10 from Ealing Argyle Road to Ealing Broadway, 65 from Ealing Broadway to Kingston Eden Street, 71 from Kingston Eden Street to Hook Parade (White Hart), 465 from Hook Parade to Leatherhead Leisure Centre.  Buses will run broadly every 15 minutes between Ealing Argyle Road and Chessington Zoo (some journeys requiring a change in Kingston), continuing every 30 minutes to Leatherhead with connecting 465 journeys to Dorking.

The 465 route will follow the existing TfL 465 route in Surrey, operating approximately every half hour.

There will also be two journeys on former London Transport route 235 in Richmond, a route passed to independent operators in 1966; in order to provide additional capacity, the afternoon journey will be duplicated.  Green Line route 714 will provide three journeys each way between Richmond and Leatherhead, following the route of the 65.

Road run participants will follow some or all of route 65, but will not stop at bus stops.   Participants already confirmed include representatives of six London Transport classes and at least three non-London operators.

For timetables and more details of participants check back here soon.

The event continues to be subject to any changes in Government regulations and advice; current plans are based on the end of the ‘stay at home’ rule on 29 March, whereby limited local travel will be permitted.

Buses in free service will operate with limited passenger numbers, in accordance with owners’ risk assessments.  The focus will therefore be on viewing the buses from the roadside, rather than spending all day travelling.  Bus crews have been provided with the following guidance:

  • Passengers (single or family) to be requested to sit with empty seats in front, beside and behind them. No standing
  • Windows to remain open throughout the day
  • Touch points to be sanitised between each journey
  • Masks mandatory for passengers and crew
  • Crews will be encouraged to refuse boarding to potential passengers seen failing to socially distance at bus stops.

Full route details have been provided to participants, and blinds (or other suitable displays) provided for buses operating in service; non-service buses will be requested not to display route 65 when moving, but may do so for photographs when stationary.

Additional participants are still welcome and are requested to contact Peter Osborn