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Date: 1968
Registration: SMK 783F
Acquired by Museum: 2002
Current State: Fully restored, operational

London Transport maintained a large fleet of ancillary vehicles in support of its bus and Underground services. These ranged from small vans for carrying supplies to large lorries and breakdown tenders, catering units and tree-loppers. The huge bus overhaul and maintenance works at Chriswick and Aldenham both had on-site ambulances which could transport sick or injured staff to hospital in case of need.

1492B is a Bedford CAL van which had a special ambulance body fitted and was one of two purchased by LT in 1968 for use at the two bus works. After 20 years’ service, it was sold by LT in 1988 to the British Ambulance Preservation Society, one of whose members was also involved with the Museum. Bus Museum Members purchased it in 2002 and donated it to the Museum.


Chassis: Bedford CAL
Body: Herbert Lomas of Wilmslow
Engine: 1595cc petrol with 3 speed Synchromesh gearbox
Date into service: 1968
Date of withdrawal: 1988


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