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Date: 1953
Registration: MXX 334
Acquired by Museum: 1999
Current State: Fully restored, operational

GS34 was one of 84 vehicles of this type designed by London Transport to replace the pre-war Leyland Cubs on rural country routes. Delivery of this bus was delayed until December 1953 due to a mishap in fog a month earlier, when the vehicle slid into a ditch whilst being delivered to Guildford garage. It was returned to Eastern Coach Works for repair and upon rectification was allocate to Amersham garage and remained there until December 1961.

The vehicle was put into store in June 1963 for a year and a half, and was then returned to Hertford for service until February 1965, when it was moved to Garston as a crash gearbox trainer vehicle. It was occasionally returned to revenue service at Grays on route 399.

Disposal in November 1969 was to a company in West Bridgford until resale in November 1973 to Nottingham County Council. Resold again in May 1975 to a scout group at Wollaton, it was acquired for preservation in October 1976. The vehicle has been a long term Cobham resident and was donated to the Museum in 1999.


Chassis: Guy Vixen
Body: Eastern Coach Works 26-seat, front entrance
Engine: Perkins P6 indirect-injection, 65 bhp with 4-speed crash gearbox
Vehicle Classification: GS, standing for Guy Special
Date into service: 1953
Date of withdrawal: 1972


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