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702B (JXC 2)

New: 1948
Chassis : Bedford O
Engine : Bedford 6-cylinder 27.34hp
Gearbox : 4-speed manual
Trailer:  chassis by Scammell;  body by Spurlings
Withdrawn : 1970 (22 years)

Acquired by the Museum : 1974

Status : fully-restored, operational and on display in the Museum

Canteen Trailer 702B
Staff from Stockholm Transport visiting London Transport 1948

Trust vehicle 702B is one of 10 purpose-built articulated units numbered 700B - 709B and was designed to replace various converted buses which were in use as mobile canteen facilities at remote termini. Introduced in 1948, these units were considered to be redundant by 1959 when the first withdrawals were made although at least one remained in service until 1968.

702B was one of the first two withdrawn, with disposal to Liverpool Corporation Transport along with 709B, followed later by 703B and 706B. Liverpool continued to use them as mobile canteens with some modification to both the kitchen and seating area until 1974 when 702B was acquired by Cobham Bus Museum.

702B is the only survivor of the 10 identical vehicles and is one of only a handful of London Transport service vehicles of the early post-war era in existence. The restoration of the Bedford O tractor unit was completed in 2002. The trailer was taken into our workshop for a full restoration, a major task which required a similar amount of work to a single-deck bus. Among the challenges were locating and refurbishing various items of catering equipment which were originally installed inside the canteen, including an "Ascot" water boiler.

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  • left-above: 702B after the tractor was newly-restored, being inspected by LBM volunteers in 2021 [Ian Jackson]
  • left-below: 702B when brand-new, being inspected by Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (Stockholm Transport) staff on an offical visit to London Transport in 1948 [SL]
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