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MLL740 Front

                                                                © Ian Jackson

Date: 1953
Registration: MLL 740
Acquired by Museum: On loan
Current State: Fully restored, operational

MLL 740 was one of 65 coaches built specially for British European Airways (BEA) to transport air passengers between the West London Air Terminal and Heathrow Airport replacing earlier Commer Commando airport coaches.

© Ian Jackson

MLL740 along side standard RF672                                                                  © Ian Jackson

They were built to a London Transport (LT) design using the standard RF chassis but with axle spacers to accommodate an 8′ (2.4m) body.

The raised seating at the rear of the vehicle allows additional luggage space below the floor supplementing luggage racks and pen inside.

The coaches were owned by BEA but were operated and maintained by LT.

Their replacement commenced in 1966 with the introduction of forward entrance Routemaster Coaches which towed luggage trailers.

MLL740 was the last vehicle to be owned by BEA and joined the London Bus Preservation Group directly from them in May 1973.

It joined the London Bus Museum display in July 2013.

Chassis: AEC Regal IV
Body: Park Royal HDC37C
Engine: AEC A219, 9.6 Litre diesel
Gearbox 4 speed air operated pre-selective
Vehicle Classification: 4RF4
Date into service: 1953
Date of withdrawal: 1973


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