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Date: 1931
Acquired by Museum: unknown
Current State: Fully restored, operational

Seven Leyland clocks were erected in prominent roadside positions around the country as an advertising scheme in the 1930s and became well known landmarks in their own right. The original location of this clock was close to the Shack Café on the A30 at Hook in Hampshire and was erected on 29th July 1931 where it stood until removal in the early 1960s. Although all seven were to the same basic design, no two were exactly the same, the main differences being the tower finial or capping. Originally green in colour, this one was repainted orange during the 1950s. All of the clocks have now been removed from their original sites, but five are known to exist either on display or stored pending restoration.

This example was rescued by the late Prince Marshall, and was restored to operational condition during 2004, although the original mechanical clock workings have long since disappeared, and have now been replaced by an electrical mechanism.

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