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We hope the following will answer any questions to which you have not found the answers elsewhere on the site. If you have any further questions, you can contact us here.

Q. Do you allow visitors to board the buses on display and/or sit inside them?

A. Normally Yes, within reason.

With over 100,000 visitors a year, we have to protect our precious old buses from excessive wear and we also have to ensure the safety of our visitors. However, we usually have at least one bus open and, subject to the agreement of a steward, it is usually possible to board this. However, please note that, for safety reasons, it is not permitted for visitors to enter the driver's cab. Please also note that boarding a bus may not be possible during very busy periods when our stewards have to cope with large numbers of visitors and we ask for your understanding in this regard.

Children under 16 must be closely supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Our stewards are instructed not to allow children to board buses on their own.

Q. Is it possible to ride on your buses on the road?

A. YES – bus rides are offered subject to crews and buses being available at weekends and during Surrey school holidays, at our three annual regular events at Brooklands and on our heritage events.

Q. Do you hire out your buses for weddings, private parties, graduations etc?

A. No, as an Accredited Museum/Charitable Trust we are unable to use our buses for private hire purposes. As an Accredited Museum and for insurance reasons, we are not able to supply buses for private functions, weddings, proms etc., but we can recommend the following who have heritage buses available:

Q. Can you provide a speaker for our function?

A. Yes, this may be possible, provided our criteria can be met.  You can read more here.

Q. Can you provide advice to owners of preserved buses about restoration, maintenance, spare parts etc?

A. No, we regret that we do not have the resources for this and this is not part of our remit. We recommend that you join a bus preservation group or society for this kind of information. That said, many of our Members are themselves active preservationists and a certain amount of mutual help is given amongst the regular volunteers so, by becoming a member and getting actively involved as a volunteer, you might well benefit from this.



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