1968 AEC Routemaster bus – RML2760

RML2760 in Oxford Street in 1986

Date built: 1968
Registration: SMK 760F
Acquired by Museum: 2013, on loan from Stagecoach London
Current State: In original condition, fully licensed as a PCV


The Routemaster

The Routemaster has in recent years become the most well-known London bus and, perhaps, the most famous bus in the world.

Despite there being other London bus types of equal significance (the STL-type of the 1930s or the RT-type of the 1950s, for example), the RM has achieved its fame, firstly, because it is the very last of a long line of buses specially designed for service in the capital and, secondly,  on account of its longevity. The Routemaster has been seen on the streets of London since 1956 and, even though the buses came out of front-line service in 2005, some still run today on heritage routes 9 and 15.

More to follow


Vehicle history to follow – May 2013.


Sub-frames: AEC R2RH
Body: Park Royal 72-seat,  rear entrance, open platform
Engine: AEC AV590 9.6 litre diesel, front-mounted, with air operated automatic gearbox
Vehicle Classification: RML, standing for RouteMaster Long or Lengthened
Date into service: 1968
Date of withdrawal: 2004 from normal service, subsequently used for special purposes until 2013