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London Bus Museum is pleased to welcome you on board a bus journey that has taken 100 years.

What happened to all the old buses that ran in London that you only now see in old films and books? Although thousands went to the scrap yard at the end of their working lives, the good news is some have found their way into preservation as living, moving museum pieces at London Bus Museum. Here you will discover the largest collection of working historic London buses in the world, a priceless heritage representing more than 100 years of public transport evolution in the capital.

The displays are organised in a timeline sequence

  • the horse-bus period of the late 19th century
  • the early motor-bus era before WW1
  • the development of the familiar ‘modern’ bus in the 1930s
  • the trials and tribulations of WW2
  • the era of the huge standardised fleet in the 1950s-1960s
  • the emergence in the 1970s of rear-engined buses operated by one person.

Each exhibit is placed within a diorama of a period London street scene, adding to the historical ambiance of the museum.

The London Bus Museum is more than simply a display of old buses for enthusiasts; its aim is to present the unique engineering heritage of the collection in its historical, social, technological and educational background.

Cobham Hall displays the culmination of 40 years of preservation work and is open for viewing seven days a week, providing the opportunity to see our vehicles and artefacts in a light, airy and modern environment.

Our Stewards and Guides, usually dressed in red shirts, will be happy to talk with you and help with photographs.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the London Bus Museum.

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