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A magazine photoshoot at the Museum

With its iconic London buses covering 100 years of history, the Museum makes an ideal backdrop for photoshoots and filming, whether for feature articles, travel programmes, historical documentaries or advertising purposes.

Museum staff will work with you to give you the right background and flavour to your shots. We can accommodate you inside the building, on the buses if you wish and can even provide staff dressed in period costume with authentic props if this brings an extra dimension to your programme. Alternatively, buses can be brought outside the building and arranged in the open to suit you.



“What Car” photoshoot at the Museum

Fees are very reasonable with a basic shoot with minimal disruption to the museum costing from £250. This rises in steps, depending on the amount of vehicle movement, adjustment to displays etc needed, how may staff required and whether additional props are wanted but is unlikely to exceed £750 unless the exercise runs for more than one day. Where the Museum receives favourable publicity from the article or programme, the fee may be reduced or even waived.

Enquiries welcome, please contact our Commercial Manager here.

The BBC’s John Sergeant films for “The One Show” on the Museum’s 1925 open-topper.


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