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Thanks to everyone for making it a superb Spring Gathering.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who made this year’s Spring Gathering one of the best ever. To the 4,800 visitors – thank you for supporting this fundraising event for the charity which runs the museum. To the owners of the 200 or so buses which came for display or service – thank you for your support, we understand how costly fuel is these days, we wouldn’t have a show without you. To the stallholders who filled the site with a multitude of stands selling every kind of transport memorabilia. Our thanks to Brooklands Museum and their staff for allowing us to stage the event on their site and for all their help and support. And, last but by no means least, a hearty thanks to our events team and volunteers who have worked so hard in recent months to organise and publicise the event and then to manage it so successfully on the day.

Here’s to the 41st Spring Gathering in April 2014!