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Visit to Ensigns – Volunteers’ Christmas treat

On Saturday 8 December, 45 of the Museum’s 100+ active volunteers enjoyed a day trip to the premises of the Ensign Bus Company in Essex, journeying there on Green Line RMC1461. A great time was had by all and we are most grateful to our friends at Ensigns for their hospitality. Scroll down for a few pictures taken by Daniel Sullivan inside the Aladdin’s Cave which is Ensigns’ heritage collection.

1935 C4 is nearing completion of a lengthy re-build.


Some sad-looking RTs awaiting their turn for restoration.

Some of the active members of Ensigns' heritage fleet.

Breakdown tender 739J started life as STL175.

LBM's STL2093 is currently stored at Ensigns awaiting a decision as to its future.