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The Buses Designed for London – on display together for the first time ever

On 29 April, at our Spring Gathering at Wisley, a very special display will take place. 1939 RT1 (the first of 7,000), 1954 RM1 (the first Routemaster) and 2011 LT1 (the first ‘New Bus for London’) will stand proudly together – three buses that have been specially designed for London, each one representing a milestone in the development of the bus and each one evidencing ground-breaking advances in looks, passenger comfort and technology. Come and see this fantastic display, compare and contrast the three buses and marvel at their elegance.

RM1 - the first Routemaster

The buses will be on show from 1.30 pm and for the rest of the day. Full details of the Spring Gathering, the south-east’s biggest historic bus show are here.



LT1 - the New Bus for London for the 21st century