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Summer Gathering update – 18th June

Summer Gathering and the grand reopening of the London Bus Museum is going ahead on 27 June but under the Government’s stage 3 rules.

  • Specifically this limits the total number of people that can come on site. Timed tickets are available to book on the Brooklands Museum website; please bring with your booking confirmation a note with each member of your party’s name and contact details for Track & Trace – this will speed up entry.
  • Booked visiting vehicles are allowed three passengers plus driver; bookings for buses have now closed as the site is full. These four people per bus do not need timed tickets but we do need their details for Track & Trace recording. We are writing to all booked bus owners now. Any other passengers coming on your buses must have timed tickets secured through the Brooklands Museum website or they cannot be admitted.
  • We are also writing to traders – again booked traders and their assistants do not need timed tickets but again their details are needed for Track & Trace.
  • London Bus Museum volunteers and bus crews who are booked for the event also do not need timed tickets.
  • Social distancing will apply inside LBM as with all Brooklands inside venues. There will also be limits on numbers of bus passengers including route 462, and marshals will be checking that groups of people are not forming outside, in order to keep everyone safe.
  • Car parking capacity is limited, so please come by public transport !   Special route 462 shuttles between Weybridge Station and the Museum.

We are aiming to provide the best possible show within the limits of the present requirements. To avoid disappointment book as early as possible and please understand that anyone who arrives without booking may well not be admitted.

Although these arrangements are not ideal they are the best possible in the circumstances and the alternative was to cancel the event. 

So please follow the plan, book if you need to, and observe all the requirements for a safe event. I think we are all looking forward coming together again.

Leon Daniels, Chairman