The New Museum Building at Brooklands Takes Shape

After many months of development and site clearance work, and despite a short delay due to the recent bad weather, the skeletal frame of the new museum hall has been erected at the Brooklands site.

Over the next couple of weeks, the tough membrane that will form the roof and sides to the building will be put in place to weatherproof the structure, afterwhich the process of adding all of the internal ancillaries can begin.

Although the snow and harsh weather conditions at the end of 2010 caused a slowdown in site work, the new Museum building is still scheduled to open during July this year. Please watch this website for further updates.

Peter Zabek, known for his superb bus photography, is keeping a photographic record of the development and will, in due course, take images of the demise of the old building in Redhill Road; a moment that will surely be tinged with sadness.