Route 408 Centenary Run

RT3491 and RT4779 will be taking part on the 408 Centenary Run : Epsom – Guildford – West Croydon – Epsom

  • November 16, 2021

100 years ago, on 16 November 1921, the East Surrey Traction Co introduced route S6B between Epsom and Guildford, soon extended to West Croydon as route S8, and in 1924 renumbered 408.

East Surrey became the Country Area of London Transport and then London Country.

In 2000, the route shrank dramatically and today operates only between Epsom and either Effingham or Cobham, run by Falcon Buses.

RT3491 and RT4779 will be undertake a free Centenary Run over country route 408: Epsom – Guildford – West Croydon – Epsom. Free service serving all stops.

Photo call with a modern 408 at Epsom Clock Tower  at 1013: RT3148 attending but not in service, RT3491 and Falcon 408

Approximate timings:

408 Epsom Clock Tower 1030
  LH garage 1054
  Effingham Crossroads 1102
  Guildford Commercial Road 1122
  Guildford Commercial Road 1145
  Effingham Crossroads 1208
  LH garage 1216
  Epsom Clock Tower 1235
  Cheam Village 1255
  Wallington Green 1312
  West Croydon Bus Station 1331
  West Croydon Bus Station 1340
  Wallington Green 1405
  Cheam Village 1420
  Epsom Clock Tower 1440


Museum Trustee Peter Osborn has chronicled the history of the route in a new book published by the London Historical Research Group of the Omnibus Society, 'Surrey's Spring Line - a history of country bus route 408'.

Available from the Museum Shop (personal callers only) or order online here.Surrey's Spring Line