Brooklands; On the Buses

The LBM Collection

The theme of this year’s London Bus Museum’s “On the Buses” was set by incoming Chairman Leon Daniels who expressed a desire to gather together as much of the Museum’s historic collection of London Buses as could be arranged in an unique display, from an 1875 Horse Bus through the decades to the early 2000s, some rare, some fragile, some even film stars.

Amongst the LBM Collection of just under 50 vehicles on display will be:

  • The chassis of AD52, a 1928 ADC coach, originally with National
  • The remains of Scooter LT1059
  • 1931 ex-Queen Line and Green Line AEC 5T4 coach T357
  • The former Paris Museum 3RT3 RT2657

There will also be displays of visiting vehicles from operators and individuals, hopefully including RT2129, converted STL tree-lopper 971J, C94 and C111, family attractions such as “Lil’ Riders” mechanical animals and Punch & Judy shows as well as a Traders’ Market selling collectables and memorabilia.

Bus Tours on historic buses will depart to Walton High Street & Seven Hills, West Byfleet and Addlestone, Sunbury Village and Chertsey Bridge whilst the Museum’s 1890 Three Light Horse Bus will take passengers off-site on a memorable trip.

But it is not all historical. The 462 free circular bus routes taking in Weybridge Station and running every ten or so minutes to Brooklands will be covered by the very latest in bus technology. A terrific opportunity witness such a collection and to journey on board:

  • BYD/ADL electric from Metroline
  • BYD/DD electric from Metroline
  • ADL E400 electric from Tower Transit
  • ADL E200 electric from London United
  • ADL E200 electric from Stagecoach South (Guildford)
  • Volvo SRM opp-charge hybrid from Go-Ahead
  • LT1000 hybrid from London United
  • Scania DD gas from Reading
  • Streetdeck hybrid from Tower Transit
  • Enterprise 2HD 3 axle (TA1) from Go-Ahead

Please note that due to the Weybridge 10k road race in the morning, Monument Hill will be closed until 11:00, meaning that the 462 will not serve Weybridge Library until after that time.  Earlier journeys will instead serve the Prince’s Road stop on Weybridge Green.

Visitors may be further interested in LBM Workshop Tours, a rare chance to see of the preservation work carried out by our volunteers.

Although the museum will be show casing all of its vehicles, all other owners are still welcome to bring their vehicles.

The museum will open at 10:00 and normal admission charges apply, including free entry for BMT and LBPT Members. Car Parking for this event is free and located in The Heights off Wellington Way, please follow the event signage on the day.

Apart from the 462 free shuttle bus, we are pleased to announce that Quality Line will run a free feeder bus from Epsom via Leatherhead to Brooklands, the times are:

Epsom Waterloo Road Stop F (connect with 460) 09:00
Epsom Ashley Road Stop K (connect with 293) 09:01
Epsom General Hospital 09:05
Leatherhead Station (connect with 465) 09:25
Cobham Waitrose 09:40
Brooklands London Bus Museum 09:50
Brooklands London Bus Museum 16:20
Cobham Waitrose 16:30
Leatherhead Station (connect with 465) 16:50
Epsom General Hospital 17:05
Epsom Clock Tower (connect with 293 and 460) 17:10


Vehicle owners wishing to attend should download  the  vehicle application form. This includes application for TransportFest.

Traders.    Bookings for stalls is now closed.  If you missed booking a stall now, consider joining us at TransportFest on 20th October


London Bus Museum at Brooklands

Here you will discover the largest collection of working historic London buses in the world, a priceless heritage representing more than 150 years of public transport evolution in the capital.

London Bus Museum is much, much more than simply a display of old buses for enthusiasts; its aim is to present the unique engineering heritage of the collection in its historical, social, technological and educational background.

Here you can re-live the happy times of travelling on these knights of the road, experience the sights, sounds and smells of a past age, evocative of colourful liveries, elegant coachwork, fine leather and moquette upholstery. A wonderful day out with a difference – indefinably nostalgic for those who rode on them, as well as a world of fascination and wonder for the younger generations, many of whom have never even been on a bus!

London Bus Museum displays the culmination of 50 years of preservation work, providing the opportunity to see our vehicles and artefacts in a light, airy and modern environment.

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