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2022 Volunteers Christmas Lunch

LBM staff Xmas luncheon 1935
The 2022 Volunteers Christmas Lunch/Buffet will be on Wednesday 14th December : 12:45pm for 1pm; dress: informal.
All Volunteers welcome but please let Simon Douglas Lane know or write your name on the list in the canteen.
As last year, the Buffet will be served in the staff canteen and eaten in the festive workshop which will be clean, tidy and warm for the occasion.

Kindly note that as there will be a process in operation relocating some of the vehicles on display. The Museum will be closed to visitors ALL DAY.

There will be NO PARKING in front of the building excepting for the workshop personnel clearing vehicles from the workshop, Owen Wright, Alan Eggleton and Ian Reddick (parking on the road towards the tunnel) and members of the Catering Staff preparing your lunch, Sharon Burton, Dawn Stagg, Rachel DeWilde and Yvette Gower (parking either side of the side vehicle door). Disabled members can park as normal close to our visitor entrance. All others MUST please use the Brooklands staff car park or if arriving after 10.00 use the Visitor car park (just past Mercedes World, Please remember your badge or Membership card for showing at the Visitors Wendy House.

We look forward to seeing you.

Apologies but we must keep the areas in front of the Museum clear for bus movements and as a train strike is promised Brooklands are having to ensure that parking arrangements meet the additional number of persons that may travel to the site by car. The canteen will NOT BE IN USE between 08.00 and 16.00 and is out of bounds to any member not specifically authorised. Tea coffee etc will be “on tap” in the workshop, as will be the signing in book so please use it. The Board room will be available for leaving coats, bags etc.

Thank you for your help and understanding.

Roger Stagg