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Please support the Acquisition Fund

Despite having a fine collection of historic London buses, the Museum is aware of gaps and maintains a ‘wish-list’ of acquisition targets. Many of the buses on the list are unique and the Museum makes no assumptions that they are likely to become available, let alone be offered to us. However, we believe that it is sensible, firstly, to have such a list so that we can strive to maintain the most comprehensive collection of historic London buses anywhere and, secondly, to have a financial reserve that is readily available to cope with opportunities that come up at short notice. The Museum’s target list can be seen here.

The Acquisition Fund was established in 2010 and its purpose is to create a dedicated financial reserve that enables the Museum to make an offer for an historic bus, or rare spare parts, that become available at short notice. The Fund is restricted for that purpose and cannot be used for anything else.

The Fund is a permanent one which enables supporters to make monthly donations by direct debit as well as by lump sums. Since its inception, it has already facilitated the acquisitions of RLH53 and T23, however, those purchases drained the Fund to zero as at the start of 2012 and now it needs to build again. Please contribute to the Fund so that it can be ready for the next gem that comes along.

How about an RTW for the Collection? © Michael Wickham



Have a look at the target list and, if you would like to see one or more of those buses join the Collection, please support the Fund. The donation form can be downloaded here.



Please help the Museum to build an even more comprehensive collection of London’s Bus Heritage.

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