OPEN today

Calling all GS owners (and GS fans)!

The Museum’s Transportfest 2013 on 20 October will feature ‘GS60’ to celebrate, to the month, the 60th anniversary of London’s popular GS-type country buses. These little 26-seaters first entered service in October 1953, replacing by then rather antiquated 1930s Leyland Cubs, and ran the ‘country lane’ routes in London’s countryside into the 1960s, with the last being withdrawn in 1972. Of the original 84, nearly 30 have survived – popular subjects for preservation on account of their small size and interesting looks.

This year’s Transportfest, our 3rd ‘close of season’ event on our new site, will feature strongly ‘GS60’ with, we hope, one of the largest ever gatherings of these wonderful little buses. We also hope to have a GS road run at the event.

Put the date in your diary now and, if you are a GS-owner, we would love to see you and your bus at the show. Entry forms will be here on the website in due course.