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The Museum is run by a charitable trust which receives no official funding and which depends entirely on the work of its volunteers. Some of our volunteers are prepared on occasions to give talks about the Museum but this has to be subject to their availability and willingness to give up their own time. Generally, they will be looking for a worthwhile donation to the charity in consideration of their efforts (including time and personal fuel costs).

Given the strict limitations of our volunteer resources, we normally restrict our talks to within a reasonable radius, say 20 miles, of the Museum and ideally we would wish to address organisations either with some kind of transport or heritage-related involvement and which can provide an audience of approximately 50 people. In terms of the donation, we would be seeking an amount between £50 and £200, taking into account the resources of the organisation concerned.

If you feel that your group can meet those guidelines, feel free to contact our Talks Organiser here and we will be pleased to discuss further with you.

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