Museum Special Events 2015,

The programme of bus events located at the London Bus Museum at  Brooklands has now been completed but one LBM event remains in central London.

Programme of events9th December   Route 159 recreation. click for details


To download the latest event flyer. Click on the image.



Bus Rides

During some weekends, school holidays and special events the museum runs bus rides. Click above to see when the next rides will be happening.


Away Events

LBPT are involved with events run by other Museums and enthusiast organisations.These will be listed here when dates are known. The vehicles listed may be subject to change at short notice.



5th              Ensign Running Day

9th (Wed)   Route 159 Running Day                               (TA1, RML2760, RTL139)

12th            Route 159 road run (buses not in service)

13th            Bromley mini running day                              (TD95)


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